Zany for the new Zootopia Tsum Tsums

Much like Judy Hopps, I hopped into the fray of Tsum Tsum Tuesday today to get my Zootopia set.  The line was reasonable thirty minutes after opening when we arrived.  All but a few of the people were there to by Tsum Tsums.  (Though the ones who weren’t were cashing in on the buy one get one free plush sale.)  My Disney Store had an efficient system in place where one Cast Member asked what Tsum Tsums you wanted while you were in line, so that she could have them ready at one of the two cash registers running that morning.  Not to worry, they do let you check out each of your Tsum Tsums before you pay.


It’s always a bit weird for me buying merchandise before the movie comes out.  However, if the movie has half of the personality that the Zootopia Tsum Tsum set has, I can’t wait for it to hit theaters.  Each Tsum Tsum has plenty of character, which is amazing when you consider the size and overall design.

They are well stuffed, and a few (Jumbeaux, Mayor Lionheart, Chief Bogo) have similar fabric to some of the Guardians of the Galaxy Tsum Tsums.


Gazelle is as stylish as promised, Assistant Mayor Bellwether is quite quirky, and just looking at Flash makes me sleepy.

Zoo2pic copy

Mr. Big and Yax are growing on me as two of my favorites.


I’m thrilled to welcome to my collection this charismatic group of Tsum Tsums.  You can bring home your favorites, or the entire set from  Then check out the movie in theaters on March 4th.

Author: Amy O.

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