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Vol. 6 of the Tsum Tsum Arcade Straps Released in Japan



Volume 6 of Konami’s popular Tsum Tsum Arcade Game straps were released today in Japan. The new characters featured in this series are: Stitch, Angel, Lilo, Scrump, Tinkerbell, Lightning McQueen and Mater.

As usual, one of the characters is limited in number, making it more rare than the rest of the set. In this volume, Scrump is the limited edition character.


As usual, each character comes with a “regular” face, as well as two “expressions” which differ depending on the character. Tinkerbell has angry and winking expressions.



Also surprising is that this is the first preview we have seen of Pixar’s Cars in potential Tsum Tsum form. It seems likely that eventually Disney will release plush versions of these popular characters in the future.



***Pictures provided courtesy of Lisa Marie Gerrard on Facebook for use on DisneyTsumTsum.com

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