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The Ultimate Tsum Tsum Gift Guide YOU Have to See + Fun Facts!


The Ultimate Tsum Tsum Gift Guide YOU Have to See + Fun Facts

WRITTEN BY MICHELLE HERRERA MULLIGAN ON , Reposted with permission from TownleyGirl.com

The Ultimate Tsum Tsum Gift Guide YOU Have to See + Fun Facts

Disney’s mega popular stackable Tsum Tsum line is having a huge holiday season this year!

It’s officially a no-brainer: Everything Tsum Tsum makes for an amazing stocking stuffer or THE special party gift this season!

First of all, the holiday-themed first season of Tsum Tsum Disney shorts continue to rack up millions of views on YouTube. Brands can’t help but notice how popular the roly-poly versions of Pixar/Disney favorites have been around the world.


Tsum Tsum magic isn’t just about collecting pint-size stackables you can carry in your purse. A mall in the Philippines recently went Tsum Tsum huge: drawing international tourists to its 45-foot Tsum Tsum Christmas centerpiece!

TownleyGirl has all you need to keep your girl up to date with the Tsum Tsum holiday madness!

1) Set any girl up for a sparkly season with the Tsum Tsum Glamorous Cosmetic Set! The nine-piece set includes cute Minnie Mouse hair pins, a pink brush, two-sided hair ties, a keychain with a stackable bubble-gum scented lip gloss, two more sparkly pink glosses and an extra zip-up bag to pack it all to go!

2) Tsum Tsum Hair Bow Wheel: Six adorable bows featuring everyone from Goofy to Minnie Mouse in bright patterned fabrics will make her a party standout.

3) Tsum Tsum 4 Pack Hair Bows: These four Tsum Tsum bows are decorated with your favorite cuddly creatures.

4)  Tsum Tsum Press-on Nail Wheel: The 24 piece set will keep her festive and fun with double stacked characters on every nail.

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