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Tsum Tsum Merchandise Raffle at 7-11 Stores in Japan


7-11 stores in Japan will offer even more cooler treats in stores this summer. Starting in July the 7-11 stores will raffle Tsum Tsum merchandise! Customers can purchase raffle tickets for the in store random drawings to win a variety of cute tsum tsum goodies. The prizes include pillow cushions, keychains,  towels, drinking glasses, and floor mats. The retail price for the raffle tickets is 620 yen.

tsum tsum cushion 2tsum tsum cushion 1  tsum tsum cushion 3 snow white mattsum tsum glass 2tsum tsum glass 1tsum tsum alien keychain    tsum tsum matalice keychain

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  1. You should really bring these over to America. We’ve never had these raffles before and you guys can make a FORTUNE if you sold them over here for $5!


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