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Tsum Tsum Game Tip: Mission Bingo – Minnie Mouse


Tsum Tsum Game Tip: Mission Bingo – Minnie Mouse by Christine Dixon

Mission Bingo is a fun way to take the game to the next level and win coins, rubies, and other awesome prizes. When playing, it is important to choose the right Tsum Tsum to help complete the missions even more quickly so you can get your prizes!

Today’s tip is especially helpful for:

-Bingo Card 1, mission 12

-Bingo Card 2, missions 6 and 12

-Bingo Card 3, mission 25

When the game starts, clear as many Minnie Tsum Tsum as you can to fill up her power as quickly as possible.


Once her power is filled, clear as many Tsum Tsum (other than Minnie) as you can, so the majority of the board is Minnie Mouse.


Use your MyTsum power to call Mickey to the board. Now you have almost a whole board to clear in one swipe!



This is a good way to get a long chain and lots of coins!



As always, if you don’t complete the mission on the first try, just keep trying. Most importantly, have fun!!!

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