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Tsum Tsum Fun with Disney Tsum Tsum Press-on Nails!


The Staff at TownleyGirl are obsessed with our Disney Tsum Tsum Press-on Nails! The set comes with 24 pieces of unlimited nail art fun (that is SUPER easy to apply).

Not to mention it comes with a cute nail file too– all decorated with classic Tsum Tsum characters. I am in my 30’s and the nail decals actually fit my nails like a glove.

With the hustle and bustle of daily life in NYC, it’s not easy to make time for yourself. Who would have thought press-on nails can actually save the day? I took the day by storm and felt confident with my freshly polished nails that took me less than 10 minutes to apply (at my desk, sorry boss).

Fun fact: I started writing this article late afternoon and finished this morning and I am still wearing them.

Stay tuned to see what decals, I test out next! —@CarissaRossi ❤️

AND Special thanks to my fashionista of a co-worker Amber for being a great wing woman, follow her on @thefashionplugblog ❤️


The Disney “Tsum Tsum” Nail Polish Set is available now at Amazon.com!


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