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Tsum Tsum App Update: Under the Sea!


Tsum Tsum App Update: Under the Sea! By Nicole Hough


New Under the Sea Treasure Hunt! Lasts until 8/4, 11:59 PM. Collect all the treasures to get the Scuttle Tsum Tsum and a Pin!


How to play: Play map-type cards! Clear the Shell Missions on the map to reach the goal!


Treasure Chests have special missions! Hit the Treasure Chest that appears during game play 3 times with Magical Bubbles or Skills to get the Treasure inside!


After you get the Treasure, Capsules with Tickets or Coins will appear. Get as many as you can! Look on the back of cards to see your treasure collection floating gently in the water.


Use these Tsum Tsum to get a bonus on Missions and clear the event more easily!


Complete 5 Cards to get all the treasures! Finished all 5 Cards, but want more? There’s 1 optional DIFFICULT Card you can try! The Difficult card will really test your Tsum Tsum Skills! Good luck everyone and have fun!

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  1. My game won’t let me play without updating, but when I touch the update button it takes me to the App Store and all I can do from there is open the app. Then it gets to the same point where it tells me to update before continuing.


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