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Tsum Tsum App Tips and Tricks: Halloween Trick-or-Treat Event


Tips and Tricks: Halloween Trick-or-Treat Event by Christine Dixon

This special Halloween event is a fun way to earn prizes and get a Premium Box ticket! Here are some tips on how to make the most of this event.
The first thing to do is make sure you are set to play the event. Click on the “Card” button at the bottom, and then select “Halloween Trick or Treat.” Start or continue the card to play the event.

As you play the event, every once in a while you’ll get a pumpkin heart. When you see one coming up, choose a MyTsum that will help you clear the pumpkins. (I used Belle because she clears most of the screen with her skill, but you can choose any Tsum Tsum you like.)
Any round with a pumpkin starts like a normal round. Just play until your pumpkin appears, which is usually about halfway through the game.

When it shows up, do whatever you can to get it next to a bubble or hit it with a skill. It will start to glow so you know you hit it.

You must hit your pumpkin three times to “get” it. If you’re successful, you can get prizes like coins or tickets for items, or sometimes you will get one or more candies. Prizes are delivered at the end of the round. When you fill your candy bucket, you get a Premium Box ticket!



This event is a really easy and fun way to get a bunch of coins or item tickets. Just pick a Tsum Tsum that helps you clear the pumpkins quickly! (Warning: Some skills don’t affect the pumpkin! For example, I thought using Donald would be perfect, but you can’t just tap the pumpkin to clear it. Just play around until you find one you like.)

Have fun and good luck!

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