Tsum Tsum App: Pins

Tsum Tsum App: Pins By Nicole Hough 

There is a newly added award for the Tsum Tsum App: Pins!  To receive Pins you can clear events, get high scores, or fulfill other special conditions! Tap on a Pin to display it by your name on the Weekly Ranking screen and high score pop-up. Some Pins you can receive include:

  • 5 million score Pin
  • 10 million score Pin
  • 5 Bingo Cards cleared Pin

Note: Clear ANY 5 Bingo Cards to get this Pin, they do not need to be cleared in order.


Look out for lots more Pins to come in the future!


Author: Nicole H.

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  1. It would be great if pins can be used as a booster when using for tsum from that category.

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