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Three More Previews from the Upcoming Tsum Tsum Mystery Packs Series 3 Released


Jakks Pacific has released three more previews from their upcoming Tsum Tsum Mystery Pack Series 3.  In today’s previews we see Tinker Bell, Bambi and Armored Baymax.  These new Mystery Packs should be releasing very soon and appears to include 15 different characters with an accessory.  Below is a look at the newest previews and a look at what appears to be the series list.

mystery_pack_baymax mystery_pack_alice mystery_pack_bambi

The Disney Tsum Tsum Blind Pack Mini-Figures Wave 3 Case includes 24 individually packaged packs, which may include the following characters (subject to change):
Baymax Red with Windmill 
Bambi with Flowers 
Joy with Memory Bank 
Pluto with Dog House 
White Rabbit with Fob Watch 
Donald with Life Preserver 
Alice with Bottle 
Sadness with Memory Bank 
Genie with lamp 
Jasmine with Magic Carpet 
Dopey with Mine Cart 
Tinkerbell with Lantern 
Lotso with Toy Dump Truck 
Woody with Sherriff’s Badge 
Patch with Dog Bed

* Bold means already previewed.  Click here to see the previous article with the new Series 3 previews

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