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This is an Ultimate Spider-Man Collection


Tsum Tsum Tuesday was action packed yesterday!  We arrived at our Disney Store a little after 10:00 yesterday.  We missed the rush, but apparently there was a pretty decent sized group.  Even the Cast Members at the Disney Store were surprised by the turn out.  I got the entire collection, plus some of the Expression Tsum Tsums since they were buy two get one free.

The Ultimate Spider-Man collection is a lot of fun.  The Miles Morales Spider-Man isn’t fuzzy like the original Spider-Man.  He is made out of the same material as the Guardians of the Galaxy Tsum Tsums with embroidered on eyes.

Miles Morales Spidey

The Venom Tsum Tsum is creepily adorable.  He is fuzzy, and the embroidered eyes and teeth make a nice frame for his red felt tongue.  The spider symbol on his back is not embroidered, but looks more like an iron on patch.


Both Lizard and Rhino have some nice embroidered touches.  I especially like Rhino, his facial expression and suit are done very nicely.


Green Goblin also has great details.  He even has his satchel and three pumpkin bombs, so that he’s ready to create some destruction.

Green Goblin

If you’re a Marvel fan, add some shenanigans to your collection with this ultimate series.  You can find them at your local Disney Store, or on disneystore.com.

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