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The Villains Tsum Tsum Have Taken Over!


The long awaited Villains collection has arrived with style.

Cruella De Vil and Ursula have both been released in previous collections, but have some key differences that are notable.  In this collection, Miss De Vil is sporting the yellow coat she actually wears in the cartoon as opposed to the spotted coat she is wearing in the first release.  Ursula is at her peak with this release.  She is sporting Trident’s crown and his trident, and the high arching eyebrows tell me she’s ready to use them.

Though Jafar was released before in his human form, we now have the red evil Genie version.  This Genie has the earring, fun hair, and yes, his beard is so twisted!

The stepmothers who give the title such a bad name are here as well.  The Lady Tremaine Tsum Tsum manages to capture her unique hair style, and her earrings bring out her green eyes.  I love the way they did her dress with the satin ruffle at her neck and the layering of the rest.  The evil queen is ready to take your heart.  Her dress and cape, though simple, are nicely done and perfectly capture the essence of the character.  Her white collar frames her face, and her crown reflects her regality.

Though I am hoping for a complete Princess and the Frog set, I am so glad that Dr. Facilier is included in this set.  The skull on his top hat is an iron-on, but like the other Tsum Tsums in this set his outfit is nicely done.  I also, love the fun and mischievous look on his face.

Finally we have Maleficent in her family form and her dragon form.  I like the way they handled her headdress.  The horns are not too big and stuffed, which makes stacking a lot easier.  Her dragon form is adorable.  The horns are the same as the are in her fairy form, and her wings are done in a flexible felt.  Her smile is less creepy than cute, but that suits me just fine.

If you’ve been waiting for this set, it was well worth it.  Pick yours up at your local Disney Store, or online at www.disneystore.com.


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