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The Ultimate Spiderman Tsum Tsums Swinging in on Tuesday!



It’s going to be a Marvelous Tsum Tsum Tuesday with the release of the Ultimate Spider-Man collection.  From an alternate Marvel universe, these Tsum Tsums will add some web slinging action to your collection.

Miles Morales Spider-Man has similar powers to the original Spider-Man.  He was bitten by a spider genetically engineered by Norman Osborn, who was trying to recreate Spider-Man’s abilities.

Venom a sentient alien known as a symbiote, needs a host to survive.  Though he started as a super villain, he has become an something of an antihero in the Marvel universe.

When Doctor Curt Connors, a scientist for S.H.I.E.L.D., lost his arm he used an experimental serum mixed with lizard DNA which turned him into Lizard.

Though Norman Osborn’s transformation differs between the comics and the television show, one thing stays the same, he becomes the Green Goblin, nemesis to Spider-Man.

Rounding out our group is Rhino, the super villain who gets his super strength from the R.H.I.N.O. (Robotism Heuristic Intelligence Navigable Operative) suit.

It promises to be an comically exciting Tsum Tsum Tuesday.  You can get these super Tsum Tsum at your local Disney Store, or at disneystore.com.

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