The Tsum Tsum Necessities – Review of the new Jungle Book Tsum Tsums

The classic Disney animated movie, Jungle Book, brings us a fun series of Tsum Tsums.  The beauty of this collection is in it’s simplicity.



Mowgli, Baloo, Raksha, and Bagheera though simplistic, are immediately recognizable.  Baloo’s fun loving expression, and Bagheera’s bright eyes give hints of their personalities.


King Louie and Junior add a bit of fun with their fluff and King Louis’s goofy expression.


Shere Khan’s face makes it easy to realize that he is the calculating villain of the tale.


My favorite is the snake Kaa, I love his hypnotic eyes.  You can almost hear him singing, Trust in Me.

This collection is a nod to not only a classic Disney tale, but the minimalist roots of the Tsum Tsums.  If you are a fan of the classics, this is a must have collection for you.  Pick them up at your local Disney Store, or at

Author: Amy O.

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