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The Tsum Tsum Christmas Carol Box Set is a Delightful Christmas Gift!


Christmas is a time to be with family, to reminisce and celebrate the classics.  This Tsum Tsum collection does all of that.

Scrooge McDuck is brilliant in all his “scroogey” glory.  His angry expression is framed by little grey tufts of hair.  His former partner, Jacob Marley as played by Goofy, is a perfect ghost with his monochromatic light blue color palette, and the chains that he must forever carry are stitched on his back; a lovely detail.


Donald Duck as Fredy is comfy and cozy in his blue coat and red scarf, and Daisy as Isabel is so elaborate in her velvet dress with fluffy collar.


The three ghosts are resplendent.  Willie the Giant as the Ghost of Christmas Present has a shiny metallic green jacket with white fluff accents, all topped off with a soft wreath crown.  My favorite thing about Jiminy Cricket as the Ghost of Christmas Past is his “Official” medallion that he wears on his shiny black coat.  The Ghost of Christmas Future has always scared me, but even Pete looks cute as a Tsum Tsum cloaked in Maroon felt.

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Mickey and Minnie are the loving Bob and Mrs. Cratchit, and though they are poor, their Tsum Tsums are as sweet as their characters.  Morty as Tiny Tim has nice embroidered details including patches on his coat and his cane.


This box set would be great under any Christmas Tree.  Get it at your local Disney Store.

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