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The New Tsum Tsum Subscription Now Available Online!


The new Tsum Tsum subscription has released with so much fun new detail I am sure everyone will want to get them. Plus, we already know what the first months subscription is gonna be the Rescuers.

”Tsum Tsum” Annual Subscription ($270 per year)

”Tsum Tsum” Monthly Subscription ($24.95 per month)


  • Subscribers receive a monthly package delivered to their doorstep**
  • Inside each package you’ll fine one of these adorable deliveries: One Small Plush & One Coordinating Mini Plush; Three-Piece Mini Set; Plush Movie Moment; or a Six-Piece Micro Set
  • The plush pals inside the package are a surprise. You won’t know which ones you have until you open the package
  • Embroidered features
  • Soft, squeezable fill with beans in belly
  • Fuzzy plush texturing
  • Since this is a subscription product, which will be connected directly to your account, you may only purchase this item online. Sorry, no phone orders

So much fun and a nice shake up from the previous version of the subscription services. Let us know in the comments what you think of this new version. Make sure to click here to order yours today.


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  1. Is this gonna be like other Funko subscriptions where each month different people will get different variations of tsum tsums or does everyone get the exact same items in their box for that particular month? For example, could person A get a movie moment, while person B gets a three piece mini set in the same month? Because then it might be beneficial to order more than 1 subscription. Thanks

  2. What is the difference between the monthly subscription and the annual? Just that you are paying upfront for the annual? I am confused.


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