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The Force Awakens Review: A look at the newest Tsum Tsum Collection



If you’re looking for a return of the soft squishy Tsum Tsums, The Force Awakens series is the collection for you.  As with all of the Star Wars Tsum Tsums, this set is soft, well made, and has a lot of attention to detail.

When they first announced that there would be two versions of Rey and Finn, I thought that was a little too much.  However, I love the two different Reys.  Her eyes really stand out in her goggles, and I love the detail of her hair on the one without the goggles.  Even though Finn has a lot less to him, I do like that he is in both his storm trooper outfit, and his regular one.

I’m so glad that Poe was a part of this collection.  He was one of my favorite characters from the movie.  His shield is not embroidered on like Rey’s goggles, instead, it is done with transparent plastic.  BB8, his faithful droid, is done in the same fabric as C3P0 and R2D2.  I’m glad they kept this consistent across all the Star Wars Tsum Tsums.

Captain Phasma has similar material to the droids, and my Tsum is a little lopsided at the top.  I’m sure that’s due to her encounter with Finn, Hans and Chewie.  The First Order Stormtrooper Tsum Tsum a great minimalistic interpretation.

Of course, Kylo Ren is represented and is ready to go with his distinct red lightsaber.  The dark side is strong in this Tsum Tsum.

If you have the other Star Wars Tsum Tsums, this is a must have collection.  If you’re looking for a collection that is represents the squishy, minimalist approach of the earlier Tsum Tsum, you’ll love this series.  Pick them up at your local Disney Store, or at www.disneystore.com.

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