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Thanos Update in the Marvel Tsum Tsum App!


Thanos Update in the Marvel Tsum Tsum App! By Nicole Hough

Event: THANOS: Stop the invasion! Get your hands on amazing rewards including Mosaic Tsum Tsum and items! This event ends 1/15/2017!

Mosaic: Clear Tsum Tsum in the middle with a powerful dunk!

-Event limited Tsum Tsum may re-appear in the future


  • Take the fight to THANOS by heading over to “Stage”
  • Tap “THANOS” for more information on the Event, rewards, and Rankings.
  • THANOS- Stop the Invasion- will appear after completing all of Stage 1.

Destroy Ships and Defeat Villains to Collect Points!

Detonate Bombs and Activate Skills to destroy the Ships and Villains that appear in the Stage!

THANOS will appear at random while making your way through the stage. Defeat him before he escapes to earn rewards!

Points collected are based on how much damage is dealt to THANOS. You can get different rewards based on how many time you defeat THANOS!

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