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Tangled Tsum Tsum Tuesday Arrives in the UK


After a long and perilous journey, Rapunzel, accompanied by her friends, has arrived at the Disney Store, Birmingham UK, on this magical Tsum Tsum Tuesday.Tangled Tsum Tsum

Wearing her purple dress and flowers in her long-flowing braided hair, Rapunzel is the lost princess we’d all hoped she would be in this miniature Tsum Tsum series.


Accompanied by her best friend Pascal the chameleon, he comes as an original Pascal, as well as wearing the dress Rapunzel makes for him, something he is not too pleased about as seen by his facial expression.

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The daring, and notorious, Flynn Rider, is also accompanying Rapunzel on her journey, closely followed by noble stead Maximus the horse, wearing his name badge with pride.



Not too far behind is the cunning Mother Gothel, wearing her deep red dress, and bedraggled black hair.


This adorable collection is available in Disney Stores UK and US, and available online to order from Disneystore.co.uk and Disneystore.com, and is retailing in the UK for £3 each.

Picture by @mo0mins

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