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Tangled Collection Swinging into Stores this Tuesday!



Best Day Ever!  Tsum Tsum Tuesday is coming in full swing on March 1st, and one of the collections features the beloved movie Tangled!

Rapunzel has ventured out of her tower, and has partnered with the dashing Flynn Rider on a journey into our hearts.  Little does Flynn know that the crown he has stolen belongs to Rapunzel, the lost princess with the magical hair.  Joining our two heroes are the persistent Maximus the horse and Pascal the chameleon.  There’s also a version of Pascal wearing a dress.  You can tell by the look on his face he’s “thrilled” to be modeling for Rapunzel.  Completing this collection is the manipulative Mother Gothel, who kidnapped Rapunzel from her real parents, the King and Queen, so that she could use Rapunzel’s hair to stay young and beautiful.

Overall, this is great representation of a long awaited series.  If you’ve got a dream of getting this adventurous collection, make sure to visit your local Disney Store on Tuesday, or order online at DisneyStore.com.

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