Home News Spoilers!!!!!!!July’s Tsum Tsum subscription.

Spoilers!!!!!!!July’s Tsum Tsum subscription.


July’s Tsum Tsum subscription is now arriving at your doors and we have all the detailed pictures. WARNING- don’t read any further is you don’t want to know…….Ok are you sure…..




This month’s Tsum Tsum subscription is from the movie The Emperors New Grove- this set is a three Tsum Tsum set. With characters Kuzco (In lama form) Yzma, and Kronk. This is sure a fun set for fans of the movie keep scrolling down to see all the fun pictures.












Let us know in the comments what you think of this set and what characters you would like to see in future releases. You can sign up for the next Tsum Tsum subscription by clicking here so you don’t miss out on all the fun. As always stay tuned to www.disneytsumtsum.com for all your Tsum Tsum news. Special thanks to Vicariously Disney on Instagram for sharing the pics.






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