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Spoilers———May’s Tsum Tsum Subscription


We have a reveal of the May Tsum Tsum subscription box, and it really made us giggle when we opened it. So be warned if you don’t want to see don’t keep scrolling…………..




Ok, so you kept scrolling so you must want to see the cuteness. This month’s subscription is from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and I think its pretty amazing and like I said, it made me giggle. So without further ado, The It Couple of The Galaxy(Drumroll in your head)………………………. Maz Kanata and her boyfriend and true love, Chewbacca, lol.



Let us know in the comments what you thought of this months Tsum Tsum subscription. You can order June’s Tsum Tsum subscription by clicking here.  As always stay tuned to www.disneytsumtsum.com for all your Tsum Tsum news.





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  1. I was not impressed with this months box. With so many options out there, im disappointed with this. I think the new millenium falcon plush would have been more liked. A small millenium falcon with micro tsums. I actually miss the actual boxes, they were easier to store and diaplay.


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