Snow Festival Event in the Disney Tsum Tsum App!

Snow Festival Event in the Disney Tsum Tsum App! By Nicole Hough

Take on the event in two batches!

Cards 1-5: 12/5, 12:00 AM (PST)

Cards 6-9: 12/15, 12:00 AM (PST)

Clear the event to get gifts! Collect snowflakes 9 cards

Clear adjacent Tsum Tsum or use Magical Bubbles or Skills on Snowflakes to rack up Snowflake Points.

Collect enough Snowflakes, and a Large Sparkly Snowflake will fall onto the field!

Small Snowflakes 3 pts

Large Snowflakes 8 pts

Clear Large Sparkly Snowflakes (8pts) to get Coins and Items!

Collect lots of Snowflakes to fill the Tsum Tsum snow domes!

Fill the snow domes to receive Gifts!

Chance Time:

-3 times a day!

1st: 6-7 AM

2nd: 5-6 PM

3rd: 9-10 PM

-Large Sparkly Snowflaked will not appear on Cards 1 & 2

Fill the snow domes to receive Gifts!

Use New Tsum Tsum to get bonus Snowflake Points!

Flip Cards over to see all the snow domes you completed!

Finish all 9 snow domes to complete the event! Tons of snowy fun!

Author: Nicole H.

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