Home News Sneak peek of the new Moana based Tsum Tsum, Tamatoa

Sneak peek of the new Moana based Tsum Tsum, Tamatoa


Another Tsum Tsum from the upcoming Moana collection has surfaced.  The Tamatoa Tsum Tsum is based on the giant coconut crab that will be in the movie.  The Tamatoa Tsum Tsum looks to be joing by a host of other Tsum Tsums based on the movie.  Multiple sources are reporting the series will be released on Nov. 1.  Below is a look at the new Tamatoa Tsum Tsum as well as a look at the other Tsum Tsums from the Moana collection that have surfaced so far.  As always stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Tsum Tsum series.

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Other Moana based Tsum Tsums

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