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Sneak Peek at Upcoming Medium Dory Disney Tsum Tsum


When life gets you down. You know what you gotta do. Just keep swimming and take a sneak peek at the new Disney Tsum Tsum medium Dory. It is from the upcoming Finding Dory Disney Tsum Tsum collection. This medium Tsum Tsum has captured Dory’s true personality of being very optimistic, kind, ditzy and of course forgetful. Dory’s tail and fins are yellow in color which is connected to her sunny point of view over everything in life. This medium Tsum Tsum is far from a slender blue tang but is as big as Dory’s heart. Dory’s innocent and child like qualities are found in her huge smiling face. This Dory medium Tsum Tsum is a must have and will help you to remember stuff better as long as she’s around. There is no official release date but possibly this Tuesday in the US.




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