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Sneak Peek at Another Upcoming Tsum Tsum


Another upcoming Tsum Tsum has surfaced from a seller in China.  While most of the Tsum Tsums have featured a very recognizable design, this one leaves a few questions.  Could we be looking at either Si or Am from Lady and the Tramp?  Or could this be Shun Gon from Artistocats?  Or could this be a totally different character that we don’t know yet?  Only time will tell.  Fell free to leave your best guess in the comments below.

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  1. I would have Guesed Si or Am…based on the coloring, but odd not to have their signature blue eyes…
    and I’d love an Aristocats set..but if Shun Gon, where’s his buck teeth?
    mystery for sure
    thanks for the sneak peak 😉


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