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Review of the Marvel Tsum Tsum Collection with Belle ‘n’ Friends

“Avengers Assemble!” Belle calls all the Disney Marvel Tsum Tsums to our studio for a fun review. Which of these Avengers are your favourite? Mommy says “Thor” is her favourite because he has a mighty hammer that can command lightning. Daddy’s favourite is Hulk, he has an ultra SMASH and can beat any villain.   Watch as we gather these cute, and heroic looking Tsum Tsum for an epic video starring our Belle. If you haven’t seen these character plushies in person, you are sure to love them. Join us as we take a closer look at each and show you how much fun they are for all ages.

If you’ve been following and subscribed, you will know that we are hosting a giveaway/contest for the full set of Nightmare Before Christmas Tsum Tsum. Click on our video link to find out more about us and this giveaway. Deadline is approaching, so check it out soon.

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