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Review of the Aristocats Tsum Tsum Collection!


I’ve been waiting forever for this Tsum Tsum set to be released in the U.S. and they did not disappoint.  Duchess is absolutely gorgeous with her sweet little face and diamond studded collar.  Berlioz and Toulouse also have their collars and sweet little bowties around their neck.  The amazing and wonderful Thomas O’Malley (the alley cat) is decked out in the duds he wears at the end of the movie, complete with a green bowtie.  All of these cats have tufts of hair on the side of their faces and the kittens also have some on top of their heads.
If your looking for some jazzy fun, look no further than Scat Cat, Hit Cat, and Shon Gun.  Each has their instruments embroidered on their side: trumpet, guitar, and drumsticks.  Shon Gun and Hit Cat also have fun little goatees and Hit Cat is sporting his beads and purple sunglasses.
The world’s cutest detective is on the case.  Roquefort is looking for some Creme de la Creme a la Edgar in his sweet little coat and hat. For all those classic Disney fans out there, this is a must have collection.  Find them at your local Disney Store, or at Disneystore.com.

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