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Previews of the upcoming Disney Tsum Tsum Series 7 Blind Bags by Jakks Pacific!


Official photos of the new Disney Tsum Tsum Series 7 Blind Bags by Jakks Pacific has been released. The new series includes Crush, Snow White, Pascal, Mad Hatter, Simba, Mrs. Piggy, Jafar Genie, Sally, Mike Wazowski, Baloo, Pocahontas, Pinocchio, Thumper and Mr. Big from Zootopia. The new series is set to be released in August and cases of 24 blind bags can be pre-ordered now through EntertainmentEarth.com. Click on the link or photo below to order the new series today.

Order Disney Tsum Tsum Blind Pack Mini-Figures Wave 7 Case from Entertainment Earth!

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  1. I think the “Pocahontas” one is actually Tiger Lily. Pocahontas does not wear a feather headband. Also, If u look at the preview for the 3 pack, she is paired with Wendy.

  2. Not sure why they would make Tiger Lily over her being Pocahontas (negl super excited for her being Pocahontas so I am bias), but I def had Wendy pegged instead for Aurora and now I’m confused she’s blonde and not brunette like in the movie. For a second I thought they were making another Alice and that was confusing, too. Still hoping we get Aurora and Meeko and Flit and if that’s not Pocahontas really hoping for her too. I want each of the older princesses before the Frozen/Brave/Tangled generation came along.

    • Hi I’m trying to find series 1,2,3 4,5 tsums as I’ve only started my tsums collection late but I am in love and want to catch up with others…
      Can anyone help me …..
      I don’t want to pay over the odd for shipping over to the UK…
      Please someone reply with some help


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