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Previews of the new Héctor and Pepita Tsum Tsums from the movie Coco!


Disney-Pixar’s Coco will be released in theaters next month and of course there’s a lot of new merchandise associated with the movie that has been released or will be released in the coming weeks. Among the new items are a series of Tsum Tsums. While they have sporadically surfaced over the last few months, we now have official photos of two of the new Tsum Tsums that will be a part of the series. Below is a look at the new Héctor and Pepita Tsum Tsums that were released in Mexico on Liverpool.com.mx. The Tsum Tsums look to be similar to the ones that will be released at Target stores and JC Penny in the US. As always, stay tuned for more photos and more information about this great new series of Tsum Tsums.

Héctor Tsum Tsum

Pepita Tsum Tsum


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