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Official Previews of the Jakks Tsum Tsum Vinyls and Mystery Stack Packs Series 3 Released


Earlier today, Jakks Pacific released official previews of the upcoming Tsum Tsum Vinyls series 3 and the 3rd series of Mystery Stack Packs.  The new Vinyl series includes some “repeats from Series #1 and #2, but there are a number of new designs and new sizes.  The 3rd series marks the first appearances of Lucky, Cuella de Vil, Patch, Genie, Fred, Jasmine, Cleo, Pinocchio, Ugly Duckling, Kristoff, Miss Bunny, Happy, Dopey, Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, Hamm, Sadness, Lago and Tinker Bell.

series_3_hamm_front series_3_genie_front series_3_tinkerbell_front series_3_jessie_front series_3_jasmine_front series_3_lago_front series_3_missbunny_stacked series_3_bullseye_front series_3_woody_front series_3_fred_front series_3_dopey_front series2_happy_front series2_grumpy_front series_3_uglyduckling_front series_3_cleo_front series_3_pinocchio_front series_3_patch_front series_3_kristoff_front series_3_sadness_front series1_lucky_front series_3_cruella_front

Also previewed today were some of the new designs in the Mystery Stack Pack Series #3.  Included in this new series is designs featuring Donald, Dopey, Genie, Jasmine, Pluto, White Rabbit, Tinker Bell, Patch and Woody.

mystery_pack_woody mystery_pack_donald mystery_pack_genie mystery_pack_patch mystery_pack_whiterabbit mystery_pack_jasmine mystery_pack_dopey mystery_pack_pluto mystery_pack_tinkerbell

Look for the new Vinyls and Mystery Packs very soon in your favorite Jakks Pacific Tsum Tsum retailer.

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  1. It is the last day of June 2016 and series 3 is not available yet, what happened and when should we expect to find these in stores?


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