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Official Previews of the Easter and Oswald Tsum Tsums being released in Japan on Apr. 1


Earlier today, Disney Store Japan released official previews of the new Easter Tsum Tsums and the Oswald/Ortensia Tsum Tsums.  Both will be released on April 1 in Japan.  The Easter Tsum Tsum set includes Chip, Dale, Donald, Daisy, Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger all dressed in Easter Bunny outfits.  The set will be sold separately, while a wink variant Chip, Dale, Donald and Daisy will also be included in a Easter Daisy Tsum Tsum Bag.  This brings the total number of Easter Tsum Tsums being released to 12.


Also being released on April 1 in Japan is a new Oswald and Ortensia Tsum Tsum, along with a large Oswald Tsum Tsum.  While the Ortensia is brand new to the Tsum Tsum line, an Oswald Tsum Tsum has be previously released.  However this new Oswald Tsum Tsum has a smile where the previously released Oswald did not.


No word if any of these Tsum Tsums will be released in the US.

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