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Nightmare Before Christmas Seasonal Gift Pack


Today brings  a spooktacular new set for The Nightmare Before Christmas. This set is being released at Walgreens but we haven’t confirmed if its an exclusive, since there is no sticker on it like their other exclusives,  so hopefully it will show up in some other places.  A fun set to add to your Tsum Tsum collection or just a fun little Halloween decoration, or like me you love The Nightmare Before Christmas and would by it just cause.  It is $16.99 for a set of 6 Large vinyl Tsums.  Characters include Jack Skellington, Sally, (they both glow in the dark) Lock, Shock, Barrel and Zero round out this amazing little set. We have detailed photos of the whole set.


IMG_6918  IMG_6958


Jack Skellington-

IMG_6952  IMG_6953  IMG_6954

IMG_6955  IMG_6956  IMG_6957



IMG_6925  IMG_6926  IMG_6929

IMG_6930  IMG_6931  IMG_6932



IMG_6933  IMG_6934  IMG_6936

IMG_6937  IMG_6938  IMG_6939



IMG_6940  IMG_6941  IMG_6942

IMG_6943  IMG_6944  IMG_6945



IMG_6919  IMG_6920  IMG_6921

IMG_6922 IMG_6923  IMG_6924



IMG_6946  IMG_6947  IMG_6948

IMG_6949  IMG_6950  IMG_6951


Glow feature on Jack and Sally-



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  1. I went to Walgreens to pick up a few packs and can confirm they’re exclusive – that is, if the Walgreens signage is correct (legally, I’d hope so!)…the sign says “products available exclusively at Walgreens”

    However, they’re not listed on their website or in the app, so I’d suggest giving them a call before people go on the hunt!

    Sorry this is crooked, I’m very short and was struggling: https://imgur.com/a/a6O96


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