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New Walgreens Exclusive Pastel Parade Tsum Tsum Set Surfaces!


A new Walgreens Exclusive Jakks Pacific Tsum Tsum set has surfaced.  The new Pastel Parade Tsum Tsum Set features 6 different Large Pastel Parade Tsum Tsums including Mickey, Minnie, Piglet, Pooh, Ms. Bunny and Thumper of which Piglet, Ms. Bunny and Thumper look to be exclusive to the set.  Below are a few photos of the set which should be surfacing at a Walgreens stores everywhere very soon.

Photos courtesy of eBay

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  1. New Disney Tsum Tsum Glitter Pastel Figures exclusive at Target (in-store). 6 characters: Tinker Bell, Winnie the Pooh, Ariel, Donald Duck, Queen of Hearts, and Thumper. $9.99 for the set.

  2. The only exclusive is Thumper as Ms Bunny is available in the Easter single mystery packs. So if you want Large Pastel Parade Thumper; you’ll need to fork over $20 for him at Walgreens!! I did do that; but I really feel like Jakks Pacific is really taking advantage children, their parents, and adult collectors!! 🙁


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