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New Update: Disney Tsum Tsum App!


New Update: Disney Tsum Tsum App! By Nicole Hough


Select Lucky Time update in the Disney Tsum Tsum App! This Lucky Time lasts until 8/28, 11:59 PM and there is an increased drop rate for these Tsum Tsum.


Maleficent is a fairy who wields powerful magic. Clears connected Tsum Tsum and any surrounding ones! There’s an example of her power in action in the screenshot I have posted. Seems like a powerful Tsum Tsum to have in your collection!


Rapunzel is a girl who lives in a tower in the middle of a forest. Connect different Tsum Tsum into a chain! The higher her skill level the longer a chain you can make! Much like her flowing long hair this Tsum Tsum can make chains as long as her hair.


Angel is Stitch’s sweetheart! All Tsum Tsum change into heart-eyed Stitch and Angel Tsum Tsum for a short time. This one is especially cute!

Stay tuned for more Updates coming soon!

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