New Tsum Tsum Display at the Harajuku Disney Store in Tokyo

A new Tsum Tsum display has been set up at the Harajuku Alta store in Tokyo. The display includes medium Clarice, large Daisy and mega-sized Minnie dressed in the cute outfits similar to their mini (S) versions from the Harajuku box sets. While not available for purchase, fans can take pictures and selfies with the Tsum Tsum display (just no touching!).


When pictures of this display first circulated on social media some thought it was a new exclusive set of Tsum Tsum to be released only at the Harajuku store in Tokyo. While sadly these Tsum Tsum cannot be bought, it is probably far better for collector’s wallets as shipping on this “set” would be very, very pricy!



Credit for the pictures to @killmeneko and @tsum_tsum_addict on Instagram and posted in the Tsum Tsum Plush Facebook group.

Author: Amy O.

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