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New Tsum Tsum App Update


New Tsum Tsum App Update By Nicole Hough



Final Lucky Time! 25% Chance of getting one of the following: Zero, Jack, or Perry. Don’t miss out on this chance! This Lucky Time lasts until 6/29, 11;59 PM! These Tsum Tsum are limited!


Get 30,000 coins plus one Olaf Tsum Tsum for switching to a line account! This is a limited time only event! Lasting from 6/27, 12:00 AM to 6/30, 11:59 PM! 1 Olaf Tsum Tsum will be sent to participants’ mailboxes by 7/7, 12:00 AM!


Only those who change from Guest Login to line login during this event will recieve the Olaf Tsum Tsum gift.

Participants who already have a MAX Skill Level Olaf Tsum Tsum (Skill Level 6) will recieve a Skill Ticket instead.

To change to line login, tap the “Add Friends” icon at the bottom right of the Weekly Ranking screen and follow the instructions provided.

You must log in with a line account that has not been used to play Disney Tsum Tsum previously to carry over Guest Play data.

Do not delete or reinstall the game or your game progress will be lost. Note that in cases where Guest Login data is lost for any reason it will not be possible to recover it.

Note that the below data and settings will NOT be carried over when you change from Guest login to line login:

-All Time High Score

-This week’s High Score

-Volume settings

-Don’t show again today pop-up settings

-Use line login to challenge your friends, send gifts, and receive coins!


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