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New Tsum Tsum App Update: Star Wars Event


New Update Tsum Tsum App: Star Wars Event By Nicole Hough

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Darth Vader is the limited Tsum Tsum and has an increased drop rate during lucky time til 5/14, 11:59 PM.

Darth Vader: A Sith Lord with whom the force is strong. His lightsaber clears Tsum Tsum where you swipe!

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The Epic Star Wars Event has begun! It lasts until 5/30, 11:59 PM

Part I: Clear missions to collect points! Goes until 5/11, 12:00 AM- 5/30, 11:59 PM

Part II: Clear missions to get Princess Leia and a Special Pin! Goes Until 6/1, 12:00 AM – 6/19, 11:59 PM

Part I.II: Get another Special Pin when you get both Special Pins! Complete cards and get Princess Leia and C-3PO!



How to Play:

  • Roll the dice with images of faces and numbers and proceed through the map.
  • Play the mission where your MyTsum lands.
  • Get points each time you clear a mission.
  • Reach the target number of points to complete the Card!
  • Reach the target number of points to complete the Card!
  • Stormtroopers will appear randomly!
  • Get Coins by defeating stormtroopers!
  • Use either Bubbles or Skills to attack stormtroopers three timesScreen Shot 2016-05-11 at 5.50.25 PM

There are a total of 3 Cards!

Complete the Card and get C-3PO and a Special Pin!

Use Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2 and Yoda to get Bonus Points!

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  1. I cleared all 3 cards I got c -3po on the 1st 2 cards only. On the 3rd card I got a pin but I can’t see it anywhere. Do I need to go somewhere to click accept ?

  2. I think this event was misleading. It says clear THE card, which implies 1 card, and get c3p0 and the pin. After the first card I got c3p0, but no pin. Then it asked me to do another card so I thought maybe you had to do 2 cards, one per prize. When I looked at the prize list for the second card it still said C3P0. I continued to play the card thinking maybe this time it would level the skill and give me the pin. When I finished the card I still hadn’t gotten the pin. I finally reached the third card and looked at the prize list and there was the pin. It’s just frustrating as a player to have one thing told to you and have another thing happen. You should specify that completing 1 card will earn you C3P0 and finishing the set of 3 cards will earn you the pin.


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