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New Tsum Tsum App Game Easter Update


New Tsum Tsum App Game Easter Update By Nicole Hough



New Easter Update! During Lucky Time you have a higher chance of getting these Easter Tsum Tsum until 3/14, 11:59PM ! The two Tsum Tsum you have a chance of getting are Bunny Pooh and Bunny Tigger. Bunny Tigger clears Tsum Tsum as he pogo jumps across the screen. Bunny Pooh clears Tsum Tsum and hey fill a honey pot jar. Get a score bonus when you tap filled honey pot jars!


The Easter Egg Hunt has begun! Collect Character Eggs until 3/28, 11:59 PM. Collect Character Eggs to get Rabbit Tsum Tsum and more!


Collect Character Eggs to get Rabbit Tsum Tsum from Winnie the Pooh! Clear the mission in each Egg on the Map to move towards the goal! Big Eggs have special gifts! Big Eggs also have special missions. Egg Capsules will appear during game play.


Hit the Egg Capsules with Bubbles or Skills 3 times to get Character Eggs or Coins! See all the Character Eggs you’ve collected on the back of your card! Use the limited Tsum Tsum Bunny Pooh or Bunny Tigger as your MyTsum to get Character Eggs with just 1 hit!


You’ll get a special Rabbit Tsum Tsum gift each time you finish the last mission on a Card! There are 3 Cards in total! Can you finish them all?


Have fun!

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