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New Stitch and Friends Tsum Tsum set Coming Soon!


Just in time for the Summer, Disney is releasing a new Stitch and Friends Tsum Tsum set.  The new set features 6 different Tsum Tsums and a plush car.  Also note that 4 of the Tsum Tsums have never been released before.  The new set will be released online and in store on May 21 at Disney Store Japan.

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  1. Yes. Yes. Six-hundred-twenty-six-times yes.

    I hope that we see this set get released in the United States, even though it’s unlikely considering that Disney in the U.S. tends to focus only on Stitch (and Scrump for whatever reason), with some Angel here and there, while the Lilo & Stitch franchise is BIG in Japan.

    By the way, since the article doesn’t mention them by name, the four characters that are new to Tsum Tsum are:
    – Experiment 625/Reuben (brownish-yellow with three stubby antennae, wearing a blue Aloha shirt)
    – Experiment 221/Sparky (yellow with blue eyes, big brown nose, long antennae that start between the eyes, and zig-zagged pointed tail, wearing a green shirt)
    – Experiment 010/Felix (green with trunk, three antennae in a crest-like arrangement, and “feather duster” tail, wearing an orange shirt)
    – Experiment 258/Sample (orange with round speaker ears and big, striped, purple microphone nose, wearing a pink shirt)


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