Home News New Lucky Time Tsum Tsum for Disney Japan Tsum Tsum App!

New Lucky Time Tsum Tsum for Disney Japan Tsum Tsum App!


New Lucky Time Tsum Tsum for DIsney Japan Tsum Tsum App! By Nicole Hough



Now available for Lucky Time in the Premium Box for a limited time only: Birthday Anna, Genie, and Clarice Tsum Tsum! 9-5 to 9-8 only!


Genie: You never know what is going to happen with Genie! This Tsum Tsum is especially useful because every time you use him something different happens with his skills. He could become a big Tsum Tsum worth 28 Tsum Tsum or he could make 3/4 of your Tsum Tsum disappear!

Birthday Anna: Birthday Anna activates and turns Birthday Anna Tsum Tsum into Birthday Elsa Tsum Tsum. Birthday Anna and Birthday Elsa Tsum Tsum can be connected!

Clarice: Clarice dances and Chip and Dale form hearts in their eyes. All these Tsum Tsum can then be cleared!


The September Pirates of the Caribbean event is happening now! Remember the Pirates of the Caribbean Tsum Tsum can help you in this event! Elizabeth Tsum Tsum and Jack Sparrow Tsum Tsum are now in the Premium Box and you have a chance of getting them!

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