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New Event, Valentine’s Tsum Tsums and More Happening Now on the Tsum Tsum Game


New Event, Valentine’s Tsum Tsums and Ruby Sale Happening Now on the Tsum Tsum Game by Nicole Hough

There’s a new February event that’s coming soon to the Tsum Tsum Game! The event will feature chocolates that you can collect for rewards.


The new Valentines day Tsum Tsum are here! During lucky time you have a chance to get one of the new Valentines day Tsum Tsum. One is a chocolate version of Minnie and the other one is a chocolate version of Daisy. These Tsum Tsum are available until 2/29. The lucky time is until 2/4 until 11:59 PM, so be sure to save up coins for these guys!

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Valentine Minnie turns random Tsum Tsum into heart eye, high score Mickey Tsum Tsum and they can be cleared with Minnie. Valentine Daisy turns Tsum Tsum in the center into high score Donald Tsum Tsum with heart eyes and they can be cleared with Daisy.

Ruby Sale! 20% bonus on all Ruby Purchase until 2/4 at 11:59 PM!


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  1. I love the new update for the Valentine Minnie & Daisy but it’s so hard to get them. I tried 3-5 times already and haven’t got one yet!!! (TEARS!!!) And with the ruby sale I feel like its not ready a sale, Sorry to have yo say! I am really in love with this game and do spent money on it so if you may please plesse make it easier to get the tsum tsum!!

  2. it is really hard to get chocolates! the christmas event was “easier” in my opinion. I don’ even habe the first card full and there should be 2 more… :S


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