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New Disney Tsum Tsum Squishies Released in the UK


UK Tsum Tsum fans will want to head to their local Entertainer Store and pick up some of the new Tsum Tsum Squishies.  They retail £3 per 2-pack which includes one you can see and one mystery Squishy.  There are over 50 different Tsum Tsum squishes in the series including 4 gold Ultra Rare ones.  Below is a look at the new Tsum Tsum Squishies on the store shelf of an Entertainer store courtesy of DisneyTsumTsum.com friends Anna Green and  Kirsty Stevenson.  Also, the new squishy 2-pack is currently available online at The Entertainer’s website, TheToyShop.com with a 4-pack and a 5-pack coming soon.

Disney Tsum Tsum Squishy Figure 2 Pack (Currently Available)

Disney Tsum Tsum Squishy Figure 4 Pack (Coming Soon)

Disney Tsum-Tsum Squishy Figure 5 Pack With Bag Clip Carrier (Coming Soon)






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  1. Hey everyone,

    As an employee of this store I want to point out they also have a website (www.Thetoyshop.com) where you can order them from however, we also do an In-Store promotion.

    Similar to the Pin promotion run by Disney store, anyone who buys squishy Tsums will be given a collectors booklet, when you buy any pack of Tsums you will get a stamp for “EACH” Tsum you buy, so if you buy a 2 pack, you will get 2 stamps.

    The rewards work out as follows

    10 Stamps = Broze Olaf Tsum
    25 Stamps = Silver Elsa Tsum
    50 Stamps = Gold Minnie Mouse Tsum

    There is also a large playset at about £25 for those who are interested. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I wish to make a complaint – can you please advise me whom I contact? My daughter age 7 adores the Tsum Tsum Squishes and saves her pocket money. She gets so excited when she is able to buy a new pack. However we are finding every “surprise” squishy is a duplicate. It is so disappointing and she looks so upset. Kids don’t understand. She’s too young to be trading them. Why why can’t the surprise one’s be from a specific group of squishes? There would be less chance of duplicate then. My daughter is such a fan but I’m starting to think if we should avoid them. I would like to complain further if I can?

  3. Can anyone tell me where to find a character list/checklist for the squishes? We assumed it would be inside the packs but was not. Thank you ?

  4. Hi

    My daughter saved up her pocket money to get these each week and the last pack we brought the tsum tsum was damaged I have lost the receipt and would like to know how I can go about getting her another one I have pictures of the damaged one

  5. My son is obsessed with jungle book and loved to collect anything to do with it! So for his 6th birthday he has managed to get King Louie, Kaa, Hathi Jr and Mowgli squishies! My son is very observant and seemed a little upset and disappointed as to Why Mowgli the little Indian boy is Pink and not Brown?? Every toy or picture he has of Mowgli has always been brown! why would you create him PINK???


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