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New ‘Dessert’ Tsum Tsum Set now available at Hong Kong Disneyland!


Hong Kong Disneyland has announce a new rewards program that will yield new Tsum Tsums.   The new series is a Dessert style set which consists of some of your favorite Disney characters including Duffy, Baymax, Pooh, Oswald, Donald Duck, Marie, Chesire Cat and Pluto. Collectors can collect stamp and redeem them for the new Tsum Tsums. Below is a look at photos of the new Tsum Tsums as well as a list of locations where collectors and redeem their rewards.

Stamps are given to collectors who purchase HK$50 at a resort shop or purchase a meal at one of the designate restaurants listed below. Tsum Tsums will be awards for free when you collect 20 stamps or for HK$18 when collecting 6 stamps.

  • Restaurant printing exchange point:
    • Fantasy World
      • “Royal Ballroom”
      • “Laughter Party”
    • Tomorrow world
      • “Rocket Restaurant”
    • Blur Manor
      • “Great Adventurer Restaurant”
  • Gift redemption points:
    • American town street
      • “Department Store”
      • “Madi Shop”
      • “Small Town Cinema: “My Tour with DUFFY” – Presented by FUJIFILM”
    • Fantasy World
      • “Fairy Tale Arts Square”
      • “Winnie the Pooh boutique”
      • “Merlin Magic Store”
    • Tomorrow world
      • “Space Station”
      • “Star Tech’s flagship store”
    • Adventure World
      • “Professor cloth shop”
    • Anti-Airforce Jones Base Camp
      • “Anzai Toy Box”
    • Blur Manor
      • “Blurred Store”
    • Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
      • “The Imperial Court Gift Shop”
    • Disney Hollywood Hotel
      • “The Movie Star Gift Shop”
    • Disney Explorers Resort
      • “Jungle Shop”

“The Movie Star Gift Shop”
Disney Explorers Resort
“Jungle Shop”

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  1. This is a dim sum set. I believe the stickers to collect for redemption are available only to annual pass holders. ?


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