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New Capsule Update for Tsum Tsum App!


New Capsule Update for Tsum Tsum App! By Nicole Hough

Screenshot_2016-05-18-07-53-3348 Hours only! Pickup Capsules! This Event lasts until 5/20, 11:59 PM!


The Tsum Tsum in the Pickup Capsules will help you with missions! There are Pete x 2, Alice x 1, Cheshire Cat x 1, White Rabbit x 1, Little Oyster x 1, Rapunzel x 1, Pascal x 2, Bambi x 1, Miss Bunny x 2, Thumper x 2, Marie x 1. Screenshot_2016-05-18-07-53-52


Screenshot_2016-05-18-07-54-07Tsum Tsum at max skill level will be swapped out for Premium Tickets in the Pickup Capsules. If you draw all 15 Pickup Capsules, you’ll get the Last Prize! Skill Ticket!


Part One: 5/11, 12:00 AM- 5/30, 11:59 PM. Star Wars Event still going on! Clear missions to get C-3PO and a Special Pin! Remember you have to fully complete the card in this event to get the pin and C-3PO! Roll the dice, play the mission where you MyTsum lands, and get points each time you clear a mission!

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