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New Best of Pixar 2 and Cars 3 Tsum Tsum Collections Coming Soon to Japan!


Disney will be releasing a couple of new Pixar Tsum Tsum collections in the very near future.  Earlier today Disney Store Japan announced the upcoming releases of the Cars 3 tsum Tsum Collection and the Best of Pixar 2 Collection.  

The Cars 3 Collection includes 7 different Tsum Tsums including Lightning McQueen, Mater, Cruz, Smokey, Jackson, Sally and Doc Hudson as well as medium Mack and Miss Fritter Tsum Tsums. 

On the other hand, the Best of Pixar Collection will also be released on July 7 and includes Kevin, 2 different versions of Dug, Russell, Carl, Linguini and Remy Tsum Tsums. 

While the Cars 3 Collection will be released on June 13 in the US, no date has been announced for the Best of Pixar collection.  

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