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New “Beach Themed” Tsum Tsum Collection Showcased at London Toy Fair!


London Toy Fair opened earlier today and of course there were some Tsum Tsums that were showcased at the event.  The Posh Paws Tsum Tsums are released at various retailers such as Clintons in the UK.  These look just like the Tsum Tsums that are released in the US by Disney Store, just made by a different company, and the previews usually gives collectors a glimpse into future releases.   While many of the Tsum Tsums that were previewed today has already been released in the US, or is scheduled to be released, there were a few new Tsum Tsums that collectors may be interested in.  There looks to be a “Summer/Beach” themed collection that will be released later this year.  Among the Tsum Tsums that are “Summer/Beach” themed are Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Dumbo, Daisy and Donald.   Below is a look at the upcoming “Summer/Beach” themed series as well as other Tsum Tsums that were on display at London Toy Fair courtesy of Disney Tsum Tsum – Buy/Trade/Sell member Stéphane Stitch.

“Summer/Beach” themed Tsum Tsums 

Other Tsum Tsums on display at London Toy Fair

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