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Most Tsum Tsums Now Buy One, Get One Free on Disneystore.com including new Mega Tsum Tsums


Disneystore.com is hosting a great sale on most Tsum Tsums online. Many of the Mini, Medium, Large and Mega Tsum Tsums are Buy One, Get One FREE.  That’s right 2 for the price go one!! This is a great time to pick up that collection that you’ve missed and an especially great time to pick up those Mega Tsum Tsums (2 for $99). Click on the links or graphic below and place an order during one of the best Tsum Tsum sales Disneystore.com has ever had.

Buy One Tsum Tsum Plush, Get One Free at Disney Store! Valid 10/28/16-10/30/16.


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