Home News More Photos of the upcoming Marvel Tsum Tsums Series Surface

More Photos of the upcoming Marvel Tsum Tsums Series Surface


Today a photo of a new Marvel Tsum Tsum surface on the Internet.  The Thor Tsum Tsum makes the 3rd mini Tsum Tsum to surface in recent months.  So far, we’ve seen Hulk and Spider-Man Medium Tsum Tsums as well as Hulk and Spider-Man mini Tsum Tsums.  The Thor Tsum Tsum adds to the excitement of what could be a stellar lineup, especially if the series includes Iron Man, Captain America and a Black Widow.  Also, we should have more information on the series real soon, but all indications are that this new Tsum Tsum series will be released in October with at least 6 minis, 2-3 mediums and possibly a couple of large Tsum Tsums.  Will Marvel Tsum Tusks be the best collection so far?  Will you be adding any of these to your collection?  Be sure to leave any comments below or on any one of our social media pages.

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  1. These are going to sell out at the drop of a hat when they are released but I at least need to get my hands on a Spidey! Hulk is too cute!


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