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More Details about the new Disney Tsum Tsum Series being released at UNIQLO

Yesterday, we posted a photo of an upcoming Tsum Tsum series.  As it turns out, the series will be released in late-May at UNIQLO, a Japan based clothing store.  Each Tsum Tsum will be paired with a corresponding t-Shirt and will retail for about $13 USD.  Below is a closer look at the Tsum Tsum and T-Shirt combinations. Also, even though there are UNIQLO stores in here in the US, these look to be Japan exclusives, however, as always stay tuned for more informations about these limited edition Tsum Tsums. 


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  1. I think it’s not fair that stitch was not in the latest tsum tsum commercial on Disney channel and that their was three perry the platipi also that stitch was in the Christmas tsum tsum special and not in this one. I think that just because stitch is an older Disney character dose not mean that he has less right than some of the other elder stars like wine the pooh Micky mouse and Minnie Mouse and so many other long living names in Disneys name


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